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Boarding Services

Boarding Area


None of us are very fond of leaving our feline companions for any length of time, but when there is no other choice many choose to board their kitties at the Feline Medical Center. Our quiet, peaceful boarding room is separated from the hustle and bustle of our hospital by french style doors, allowing us to let each cat out individually for daily exercise and playtime.  Kitties also have large windows to view the outdoors to help keep them mentally stimulated as well.  Mulitple cats may share a suite or we can combine mulitple suites(at an additional fee) for more available space if owners choose.  Owners are allowed to come view their kittie's suite so they can be assured that their companion is housed in a safe, calm and comfortable environment.

If your cat is on any medications, oral or injectable, you can have peace of mind knowing an experienced technician will be administering any necessary treatments.  We only ask that you bring a copy of your kitty's veterinary records and any prescription medications with you when you drop him or her off.  If your kitty is on a special diet, you are welcome to bring it with you for us to use, otherwise we offer our own dry kibble and canned food.

For the safety of your cat we require that all felines arrive and leave our facility in a secure cat carrier.  And for the health of all boarders, all kitties need to be up to date on vaccines, as well as proof of vaccinations if your pet received them elsewhere.  An appointment may be scheduled with the doctor at time of boarding if the kitty needs to receive any boosters. In addition, if your kitty has not boarded with us before(non-patient) or within the past year(our patient), he/she will need an examination by our Doctor prior to or at the time of boarding. The examination is for the safety and health of your feline as well as other feline boarders. 
 Prices vary for boarding, so please call ahead and speak with our receptionist for booking reservations. 

Tips for first time boarders

We understand that kitties are very nervous in new places and we never persist in getting a cat out of their kitty condo if they are not feeling social.  Therefore, enticing toys from home can entertain cats who may be more hesitant in leaving their kitty hotel suites.

A favorite bed or stuffed animal from home can provide a comforting texture and scent for your cat. In addition you may bring some familiar items from home for your kitty, such as a favorite small blanket or towel.
Don't forget to bring your cat's most delectable treats!  This is a great way for our staff to introduce themselves to your 'Beloved Kitty'.

 Some of our beloved boarders: